The North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition seeks out opportunities to engage with the public, our customers, opinion leaders and our neighbors about what we do and why. We work together to tell the positive story of today’s farms and North Carolina’s farm families, and also discuss important issues such as food safety, health and nutrition, animal care and environmental protection. We do this in a variety of venues, including within our communities and through media outreach. In addition, we act as a resource to help answer questions, model best practices and provide open insight into our products and practices to help the public understand the role animal farming plays in North Carolina.

“To increase public awareness and support for responsible animal agriculture in North Carolina  through public education, media outreach, stakeholder engagement and collaborative, positive communication efforts.”

“NCAAC will lead the public discussion to build consumer trust and public support for responsible animal agricultural production that ensures a safe, wholesome, affordable and sustainable NC food system and enables the livestock industry to remain a vital contributor to the quality of life in North Carolina.”