North Carolina‘s livestock farmers are committed to providing safe, wholesome food raised in a responsible way.  We have an ethical obligation to the animals in our care and to protecting our land, air and water for future generations.  We are committed to doing what’s right and will work to make positive contributions to our communities. 

In addition, we will adopt the technologies and innovations necessary to continue to meet the demands of consumers who choose meat, milk and eggs as part of their diet.  More than 90% of our farms are family-owned, so we work hard to produce safe, wholesome and affordable food for your and our family tables. 

Animal Agriculture generates more than $9 billion in income for North Carolina farm families. That’s good news for all of us because tax revenue provides the opportunity for better communities through new schools, libraries and roads, while jobs provide direct support to our neighbors and their families.  This all contributes to the vitality of North Carolina, as does the open space our farms preserve.

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