Creating Jobs & Opportunities for North Carolina

There’s no doubt that agriculture makes a vital contribution to North Carolina’s economy and keeps our rural communities thriving.  It contributes $9.2 billion to the economy each year, with 62 percent of that being from livestock farming. The state has more than 52,000 farms and more than 690,000 people are employed in farming-related jobs.

North Carolina ranks second in hog production, fifth in poultry production and second in turkey production nationally.  It has 19,000 beef cattle farms and ranks 27th nationally in beef farming.  The strength of animal agriculture in North Carolina also provides work for many grain farmers who grow the soybeans and corn that feed the animals.

Livestock farms pay local, state and federal taxes that help fund the many projects important to our rural communities. From schools to libraries, farmers play an important role in providing a quality way of life for North Carolina. 

To learn more, download the Economic Contributions white paper