Food Safety & Nutrition

Nutritionists tell us that lean protein plays an important role in a well-balanced diet. North Carolina livestock farmers work hard to provide safe, nutritious, affordable food for consumers who choose to eat meat, milk and eggs.  We know that safe food begins with healthy animals. This is why we follow a comprehensive set of quality assurance programs covering animal health and well-being, barn safety and cleanliness, disease prevention, environmental protection and food safety.

In addition to providing a safe and healthy place for our animals to live, we work with veterinarians to monitor the health of our herds and flocks. To that end, when needed, we use approved animal medicines, such as antibiotics, to prevent, control and treat infectious diseases. Like human medicine, all animal medicines are required to meet FDA standards and are subject to strict oversight and regulation.

Our commitment to safe food does not stop at the farm gate. Once our animals leave our farms they’re inspected by federal and state agencies through every stage of processing to ensure food safety. In North Carolina, the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Meat and Poultry Inspection Division is responsible for regulating the process all the way to the retail level. All inspection is overseen by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.

To learn more, download the Healthy, Nutritious & Local white paper