Meet some of the North Carolina farmers who work hard to produce safe and wholesome food for families and communities across the state.

Name: John & Sarah McLawhorn
Farm name: Triple M Farms
Location: Greene County
Products: Pigs, beef, cattle, tilapia and 2,400 acres of row crops including soybeans 
Family:  We have a son Kade, who is one. 
Hobbies:  We are active in church and community ag events like the North Carolina Sweet Potato Festival. We enjoy, hunting, fishing, camping, grilling out, spending time with family and friends, and love the beach!
Favorite Teams: NC State and ECU


Name: Scott & Sharon Mitchell
Farm name: Scott Mitchell Farms
Location: Sampson County
Products: Turkey, pigs, cattle and other crops
Hobbies: Spending time with our family.
Family: We have three girls, Jenna-11, Abby-9 and Emma-5.





Name: Bryant and Debbie Worley
Farm name: Bryant Worley Farms
Location: Princeton, NC
Products: Turkey, pigs, cattle, cotton, corn, wheat, hay
Size of Farm: 1,500 acres
Hobbies: Serving on agricultural boards.
Family: Wife Debbie and daughters





Name: Isaac and Leah Boerema
Farm name: Boerema Farms
Location: Pantego in Hyde County, N.C.
Products: corn, wheat, soybeans
Size of Farm: 2,350 acres
How Long Have You Been Farming: 7 years
Hobbies: I am the President of the Blackland Farm Managers Association
Family: My wife, Leah, is a veterinarian, and a research coordinator at a farrowing unit.
What Technologies do you use: We use no-till for the conservation benefits and an Integrated Pest Management program.
What should consumers know about farming: The food they buy from us is the safest, most affordable and highest quality in the world.
Favorite Quote: “If we don’t raise our voices the story of agriculture will be told by somebody else and not necessarily rooted in truth or in a way that portrays agriculture favorably.”


Name: John Fleming
Farm name: Fleming Bros. Farms
Location: Scotland Neck, Halifax County, N.C.
Products: soybean, cotton, wheat, corn
Size of Farm: 1,950 acres
How Long Have You Been Farming: 8 years
Family: My wife Kathleen works for the American Cancer Society.
Hobbies: Watching N.C. State football and cooking out with friends
Favorite Teams: N.C. State
Favorite Quote: "Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a thousand miles from the corn field."  Dwight D Eisenhower


Names: Eldridge, Anthony and Eric Westbrook
Farm name: Westbrook Brothers Farm
Location: Four Oaks, NC
Products: Turkeys, Tobacco, Wheat, Rye, Corn, Soybeans & Hay
Size of Farm:  Eight turkey houses growing 40,000 super toms and 600 acres of crops
How long have you been in farming:
Our farm has been in our family for four generations.  It came under our stewardship when we were just teenagers after our father passed away.
Favorite Quote:
“On our farm, we view environmental stewardship as our responsibility and our moral duty to preserve the land, water, and air; not only for our family’s future, but also for our neighbors’ sake.” 

Name:  Grace Summers
  Guilford County
  Free-range chickens, eggs and vegetables
Other endeavors:
  Grace is a full-time employee of the North Carolina A&T Cooperative Extension Program, coordinating the plasticulture program, and owns a landscaping company, All Plants considered.

Name:  Chris & Lori Stancill
Pitt County
Corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat and peanuts, and chickens are being added
Size of Farm:
4,500 acres
Community involvement: 
Vice President of the Pitt County Farm Bureau, a graduate of the Phillip Morris Leadership Development Program and a member of Trinity Christian Church
  Ben and John Stancill, who are both involved in the farm while attending college in Greenville, N.C.


Names: Tracy and Sheila Jenkins
Farm Name:
  Westward Farms
  Iredell County
Corn, wheat, soybeans and eggs
Raising dairy heifers for competition by their children through the local 4-H
Children Harrison, an officer in the local FFA, and Lilia, who enjoys running 5K races
Community Involvement: 
Tracy is active in the local Farm Bureau and the Ruritan organization.  Shelia serves as a middle school principal in Alexander County

Names:  Steven and Lisa Hooks
  Northern Wayne County
  Tobacco, cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, cow/calf operation and hog nursery
  The Hooks enjoy attending their children’s sports and dance events.
  Three children, Alex, Max and Kelly
Community involvement:
  Steve is a board member and second vice-president for the Wayne County Farm Bureau, serves as a committee member for the Wayne County Farm Service Agency and is a Trustee at Fremont United Methodist Church.  Lisa is an assistant Scoutmaster with BSA Troop 12. She is also a Sunday School teacher at Fremont United Methodist Church and a frequent volunteer at Fremont STARS Elementary School.


Name: Jimmy Thomas
Farm name: Thomas Family Farms
Location: Timberlake, Person Co., N.C.
Products: hogs, tobacco, corn, wheat, soybeans
Size of Farm: 220 sows farrow to finish, 150 acres tobacco, 1500 acres grain
How Long Have You Been Farming: 26+ years
What Do You Like Best About Farming: Diversity of job responsibilities.
Hobbies:  Horseback riding, traveling, attending farm shows.
Family: My wife is Janine. My son David is 20 and attends Mt. Olive College studying Agri-Business. My daughter Ashley is 18 and attends Meredith College studying Biology and Business. I work with my brother, Timmy Thomas, and my parents, Pete and Levon Thomas.
Favorite Team:  NC State
What Do You Think Farming Will Be Like For The Next Generation:  Very technically innovative.  Farmers will have to be able to use technology (computers, gps, and guidance) to keep up with industry changes to maximize resources to feed a growing population.  There will be many opportunities for those who are willing to train and educate themselves.
What New Technology Has Been Most Useful On Your Farm:  Genetic improvements in varieties and gps equipment.
If You Tell Consumers One Thing About Farming, What Would It Be:   Many people see farms as large corporations but many are actually families working together to be more efficient.  And we are closest to the land and therefore we make the greatest effort to conserve the environment.
Favorite Quote: I'll choose two; “Cultivators of the earth are virtuous and independent citizens”  Thomas Jefferson, and “Agriculture was the first manufacturing industry in America and represents the best of all of us”  Zack Wamp (TN)